Highly Transportable

Highly Transportable

Easily deployed by crane truck or by trailer.

Weed Harvester

Weed Harvester

Extremely efficient, reliable and manoeuvrable weed harvester in operation.

Clears Weeds and Debris

Clears Weeds and Debris

From lakes, rivers, ponds and canals with ease.

AquaTractor® Weed Harvester

The AquaTractor® weed harvester is a well tried and proven, extremely efficient, reliable and agile workhorse capable of maintaining a high level of aquatic weed harvesting hour after hour.

The AquaTractor® weed harvester is the result of over 20 years of design and development by the UK's leading water management specialists, based on the original Miller design. The helix screw propulsion unit and conveyor system are second to none. The robust simplicity of the AquaTractor® weed harvester can tackle the most arduous of aquatic weed tasks in a swift and highly productive manner. It is very manoeuvrable on the water and designed to be easily transported off the water. Operator comfort, ease of operation and health and safety are well provided for.

Built in its standard form, the AquaTractor® weed harvester offers the following benefits:

  • A reliable, productive workhorse
  • Weed cutting depth to 1.950m
  • Excellent operator control and vision
  • Extremely manoeuvrable
  • Weed free helix screw propulsion unit, directional through 180o, with hydraulically adjustable operating depth
  • Ergonomically designed, easy to operate controls
  • Shallow draft (laden draft of only 325mm)
  • Hold capacity up to 5m³
  • Discharge speed less than 2 minutes
  • Total gross train weight less than 3,500kgs, therefore easily transported from site to site behind a 4 x 4 (Landrover or similar)
  • Less than 30 minutes to launch and prepare for operation = maximum productivity
  • Minimal operator training requirement
  • Professional support package

Additional bespoke designs available on request.

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